Resources Beach Gear – Pack light and Re-use!  Copy Beach Essentials Chairs, blanket, or hammock Small cooler or bag for snacks (always clean up all trash)  Towels (often provided by host or hotel)  Snorkel gear Sunscreen – Reef Safe! (that’s a separate blog) Water Umbrella or shade tent, unless you are going to a beach with trees and shaded areas.  Mornings tend to be […]
Insider Tips Driving the Island & What is Hawaii Midnight Driving the Island & Hawaii Midnight You will hear time rather than milage when talking distance. If something is 20 miles away it could easily take 45+ minutes. There aren’t “freeways”. People drive a bit more relaxed here. Speed limits are often 45 mph, roads are often curvy, and there aren’t many passing lanes. We […]
Insider Tips Reef-Safe Sunscreen PLEASE! Reef-Safe Sunscreen PLEASE! – In January of 2021 Hawaii banned the sale of sunscreens that contain coral harming ingredients.  Here are some local brands that can be found in some stores and farmers markets.  Little Hands ~ Raw Love ~ Kokua Sun Care ~ Keep in mind that big brands are not […]
Insider Tips What’s Up With The Free Roaming Cats? What’s up with all of the cats in Hawaii?   Free-roaming Cats have established populations on all eight of the main Hawaiian Islands. Since Europeans first brought them over This is a complicated and controversial issue. Right now some cat colonies are completely on their own and hunt for all of their food which has […]
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